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LSI combines technical and tactical competencies and tool-sets to effect organisational change that improves performance.


Technical tools measure how work is conducted and what is produced

— analysis of processes, systems, behaviours and their outputs


Tactical tools facilitate people seeing potential and wanting to improve

— presentation of data that qualifies improvements and establishes a pathway for realising improvements


Key highlights:

  • LSI Consulting is in its 30th year
  • Completed over 900 projects and reviews
  • Undertaken projects across the Asia Pacific including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand
  • Offices in Sydney and Auckland, virtual offices Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
  • Deliver tangible and sustainable results > AUD$3 billion
  • Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015 Certificate AU18/81841227
  • Launched Better Because™ an online continuous improvement and innovation portal
  • Reference and client testimonials spanning 30 years
  • Our capability spans many industry segments as all have four essentials to which we apply our methodology

1) People – working with client staff and stakeholders to identify, quantify and realise improvement opportunities 


2) Process – a structured approach to process mapping, and client engagement in the redesign process


3) Management Systems – identifying and implementing improvements to management systems to control processes


4) Technology - identifying and implementing improvements to systems and technology to enable performance


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