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© 2018 - LSI Consulting Pty Ltd.

© 2018 - LSI Consulting Pty Ltd.


October 2018

LSI has formed an Alliance to provide local government organisations with onsite programs where organisational improvement training and coaching will be delivered to customers personnel at their workplace. This follows successful assignments with other local government organisations.


September 2018

Latest two customer satisfaction surveys have scored customer satisfaction levels of 94.7% and 92.5%. Overall our on-gong average score sits at 89.2% 

Scores are based on NSW Dept. of Finance and Innovation's customer referee report criteria. We apply a score against the following criteria:

  • Time Management 
  • Suitability of Personnel
  • Standards of Service
  • Quality Outcomes
  • Cost
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Co-Operative relationships
  • Recommended for future work

Maximum score being % of 9 x 100 

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